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Quotable Quotes in Sanskrit Language

Quotable Quotes in Sanskrit Language
from Indian Culture

Meaning of Shloka 1:
The people shrewd in policy may praise or criticise;
The godess of wealth (Lakshmi) may come or leave with her desire;
Death may come today or after thousand years,
But the patient people never leave the path of justice.

Meaning of Shloka 2:
The godess of wealth (Lakshmi) herself (or money itself) comes to those ;
who are motivated; who are not lazy,
who know the method of work, who are free of bad habits
who are brave, grateful, kind hearted and full of perseverance.

Meaning of Shloka 3:
On this earth there is no better treasure than the donation,
no worse enemy than the temptation,
no better jewelry than the beautiful character and nature,
no better wealth than the contentment.

Meaning of Shloka 4:
Only an exceptional mother gives birth to a child,
who does not get happy on reception of wealth
who does not get sad on the arrival of bad times,
who does not become a coward in a war beacuse of fear.
The child with such qualities is a crown of the world.

Meaning of Shloka 5:
Following are the natural characterstics of good people :
patience in trouble, forgiveness in prosperity, interest in earning fame
skill in speaking in a gathering, bravery in war,
habit of listening while studying the Shastras.

Meaning of Shloka 6:
He who is seeking knowledge should give up comfort,
He who is seeking comfort should give up learning knowledge,
As the knowledge seeker can not get comfort and
a comfort seeker can not learn knowledge.

Meaning of Shloka 7:
He who pleases his parents by his good character is the son,
She who wishes good for her husband is the wife,
He who behaves equally in good and bad times is the friend.
Only people with great fortune get all or any of the three.

Meaning of Shloka 8:
Human is not beautified by :
jewelery, beautifully combed hair, bathing,
neckless as white as moon or flowers.
He is rather beautified by his cultured voice.
The jewel of voice is the real jewel.
All other jewelery gets weared.

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